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Oil and Fuel
Cleaning Service

We transform maintenance procedures by making it easier, quicker and cheaper. We introduce better ways to eliminate water and contamination in oil and fuel through are various cost-effective services.

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Oil and Fuel
Filtration Products

We dare to design and create products and services of the future. Our innovative and customizable filtration products provide result-driven solutions and consistently outperform industry standards for performance.

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We help business grow better.

We develop sustainability-related products and services which bring utmost efficiency at using our resources. With ICCS, your equipment becomes more reliable, your maintenance costs are lesser; and your company - more profitable and sustainable!


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Offshore Construction

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Oil and Gas Processing

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Power Generation

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Steel and Iron Industry

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Waste Management

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Industries we work with

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We clean contaminated oil and fuel - and keep it that way.

Hello, we are ICCS! We are oil and fuel contamination control experts and we help your business grow better.

United Arab Emirates:
+971 2 546 5150
Saudi Arabia:
+966 11 416 9048
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