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Proven Benefits

We bring value to you


Save 30% in operating costs per year! Your lower oil and fuel consumptions plus less repairs equals superior financial savings for your company.

Savings: Increase Your Profitability


Lower your fuel consumption by 5% as fuel becomes cleaner, your engine performance stays at optimal level.

Savings: Lower Your Fuel Consumption


Reduce your oil consumption by a minimum of 30% as oil stays clean, it is safe to extend oil change intervals.

Savings: Reduce Your Oil Consumption


Increase machine and plant availability up to 20%! Your oil and fuel stays clean and monitored so your equipment is always in top condition.

Availability: Increase Your Machine Reliability


Bring down engine-related failures by 70%, reduce fuel pump failures by 95%, and save on expensive repairs! With ICCS, your oil and fuel are always clean so debris and contaminants get filtered out of your system before it can cause catastrophic damages.

Availability: Fewer Engine and Parts Failures


Extend fuel injector life up to 5 times than its normal usable life! Your fuel becomes cleaner so injectors are protected from damages caused by contaminants. 

Availability: Increase Your Fuel Injector Life

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