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Photo of a new fuel injector against black background
Fuel Contamination Control Program

For cleaning contaminated fuel as well as keeping fuel clean and efficient at all times; less spending on new fuel longer injector life; and much more reliable machinery.

Diesel Fuel Cleaning

For an affordable, quick and short-term contamination and water removal from diesel fuel.


Diesel Tank Cleaning

For removing all kinds of contamination in the tank using a high suction vacuum system after draining the fuel. Gas-free testing and ventilation are included.

Enquire Now

For more information on our fuel cleaning services, please contact us through email at and our team will assist you.

Fuel Cleaning Services

How our fuel cleaning services help you

Lower Fuel Consumption

Fuel stays clean so your equipment performance is at optimal levels which reduces fuel consumption by up to 5%.

Fuel Injector lasts 5x longer

Your fuel injector life lasts 5x longer than normal because our fuel cleaning service protects it from damage and debris since fuel is cleaner.

Lower Greenhouse Gas Emission

Cleaner fuel means harmful gas emissions are significantly lower and you own a stronger reputation as environmentally friendly business.

Photo of a mechanic performing maintenace on fuel injector
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