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3D image of engine with flowing clean oil

Oil Cleaning Services

Buy and use lesser oil as oil stays clean
Maintenance is easier, quicker and cheaper
No more major equipment breakdowns

Varnish Contamination Control Program

For continuous removal of varnish and other contaminants in the oil; prevention of any further varnish formation in the system.

ICCS varnish removal and prevention filtration sytem with 8 housins, pump, connctors, control box and frame

Oil Contamination Control Program

For cleaning contaminated oil and keeping oil clean at all times; longer oil change interval; cheaper equipment maintenance and better equipment reliability.

ICCS oil filtration system with one housing, pump, connectors and frame

Hydraulic and Gear Oil Cleaning Service

For short-term contamination removal, including large amounts of water in hydraulic or gear oil without draining the oil from the machine.

ICCS dehydrator and filtration system for cleaning hydraulic oil and gear oil

Pipeline Flushing with Pressure Test

For high pressure pipelines (up to 4 in.) with pressure testing of up to 160 bar. Complete with flow rate control, temperature control, and pressure control.

ICCS system for pipelin flushin and pressure testing

Oil Tank Cleaning

For removing all kinds of contamination in the oil tank using a high suction vacuum system after draining the oil. Gas-free testing and ventilation are included.

ICCS Storage tank for oil or fuel storage with frame and holding points
Photo of braking system under maintenance

Our customers trust us to build things that work and we take that seriously.

How we work with you



Thorough assessment of your equipment and fluid to establish current condition and baselines.



Determine and advise the appropriate service and system to use or install.



Customize the system(s) if necessary, depending on your requirement and prepare for installation or service commencement.



We install the appropriate oil or fuel filtration systems required for your permanent contamination control solution.



Implement the program or execute our required service. We work closely with you for a successful and beneficial implementation.



Monitoring of your fluid and equipment condition through regular tests, analysis and diagnostics.

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