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Our Company

What Sets Us Apart

ICCS believes that businesses can successfully grow without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. We believe this is a value that many individuals and businesses must share. 

Our diverse and committed team accomplishes this by:

Transforming the way our customers operate and maintain equipment.


Creating innovative solutions to oil and fuel contamination problems.


Providing services that promote sustainability.


Making a positive impact on on our environment and society.


Photo of corporate workers holding togeher a plant to symbolize unity and sustainability

Our Vision

Ethical and Environmental Practices

We place value on ethical and environmental practices. Bottom line? We take immense pride in a business that protects the environment and preserves the earth's natural resources.

Time and Exponential Growth

Time is of the essence, so our vision is to rapidly and exponentially grow a global company because the more business we help reduce consumption of finite resources and operations costs, the more we help our future generations.

Power of Human Ingenuity

We believe in the power of human ingenuity to transform our world for the better. Through proactive innovation as well as collaboration, our aim is to be the global leader in oil and fuel contamination control - a trusted partner in helping business grow better.

Image of oil drop againt a sunset background

Our Mission

ICCS are on a mission to transform your business by proactively communication just two of the multiple deliverables that we can 100% guarantee:

  • ​Our customers will enjoy significant cost savings by implementing our innovative contamination control services.

  • By doing so, our customers will actively effect a positive sustainable impact on our shared environment - saving our earth's finite resources for future generations.

This simple formula presents a win-win collaboration that guarantees success for us all - helping business grow better.

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